Friday, December 2, 2016

Loveweaver by Tracy Ann Miller - A Passionate Kiss Between Llyrica and Slayde

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“Goddamn it.” Slayde’s mouth slanted across hers possessively, his devouring kiss a remedy for unspoken words. He kept his heart aloof, let his body take the brunt of unexpressed emotion with blinding desire. No weak sentiment here, just hard lust and ownership. Llyrica had given herself freely to him, bound them together by her love spell. This soft form was his for the taking, every lush curve and ripe mound yielding against his body. If not for this cursed bad timing and unfit location, she would already be under him, receiving the searing brand of his claim on her.
He came up for air, and dove again into her mouth, roving, seeking a satisfaction that lay just beyond his reach. A harder press, a deeper plunge of his tongue availed him a fiercer need, one a kiss would not meet.

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